Watching the movie Helvetica has opened my eyes to the importance of a type face within design.

“Neue Haas Grotesk” now known as Helvetica, is an extremely powerful typeface, which is why it is difficult for me to voice my humble opinion on this awesome design.

During the movie Mike Parker comments on figure ground within Helvetica and how the space around the type is just as important as the type itself.  This is also portrayed in other Swiss designs and they all have one thing in common; the design is timeless and effective allowing you to interpret them as you see fit which is why Helvetica is so popular in the industry.

Helvetica is modern, fresh and clear. The key is the attention to detail, it’s smooth but bold, its soft but sliced,  Helvetica seems to be suitable for anything and everything  and that is what I personally love about this typeface.

There are millions on fonts in the world but Helvetica has stained its mark onto everyone. There is something special about this typeface and I don’t think it will ever lose its value as a beautiful part of design.

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